While we continue to deliver cutting-edge GRC solutions across India and abroad, we are always looking for like-minded people to partner with us. Our Laser Partner Program is developed to give you complete support to leverage your business and gain a competitive advantage. To learn about the Laser Partner Program, please complete the form below.

Partner Criteria

If your company comprises five to thirty people. Your focus is on Enterprise Risk Management, Audits or in Legal Compliance, and you consider your company to be a technology-orientated consultancy than a management consultancy. You can envision a clear go to market strategy with our Laser Products and have some existing market opportunity. Most of all, you are willing and eager to grow with Etrends.

Benefits of the Laser Partner Program

The Laser Partner Program provides partners with three foundations of support to build the Laser business on: Competence, Sales and Promotion.


  • Partner Product Training
  • Partner Technical Training
  • Partner Sales Training
  • Joint Business Plan
  • Demonstration Licenses
  • Product and Technology
  • Updates
  • Technical Support


  • Account Management
  • Partner Commission
  • Finder's Fee
  • Lead Allocation from Laser’s CRM
  • Evaluation Licenses for Prospects
  • Sales and Pre-Sales Support


  • Marketing Contact
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Joint Marketing Services
  • Visibility on lasergrc.com
  • Laser logo

Partner with us

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