Laser Risk Management System (LERMS®)

Establish a central process for managing the complete life cycle of risk management in your company

Risks can threaten an entire organization, not just a business unit or process. With an increasing concern and focus on risk management, especially to effectively identify, assess, and manage risk, organizations need a transparent enterprise risk management (ERM) system in place.

The Laser Risk Management System (LERMS®) delivers a central risk management system for identifying risks, evaluating their likelihood and impact, relating them to mitigating controls and tracking their resolution. It establishes a culture of risk management across your organization and helps you achieve future goals by avoiding surprises along the way.

  • A simple and easy-to-use platform that provides centralized access to all risk-related information and allows risks to be managed efficiently.
  • Increase Risk Mitigation Effectiveness: identify, assess and mitigate key risks facing your company.
  • Get real time updates on Risk Mitigation Effectiveness status.
  • Accurately measure the size and importance of all risks in your organization.
  • Prioritize treatment for risks demanding urgent attention.
Intuitive and user-friendly dashboard provides comprehensive information in a single window for the top management.

Create surveys, add risks, add activities, assign owners and set deadlines to create a powerful Risk Mitigation Action Plan.

Automatic reminders to activity owners on pending activities and automatic escalation of activities that have missed deadlines.

In-built workflow to approve creation and modification of risk registers and risk mitigation plan.

Professional, ready-for-presentation, well-formatted reports.

Complete control to configure the Masters completely as per individual organization requirement.

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