Laser Legal Compliance System (LLCS®)

Stay on top of your legal compliance risks with a centralized legal compliance system

Having a systematic identification and monitoring process for legal and compliance risks can help companies navigate the pitfalls, uphold a positive image and build consumer trust.

Implement a transparent and uniform process for managing legal compliances in your organization with the Laser Legal Compliance System (LLCS®) – a centralized, access-controlled environment for monitoring the status of legal compliances that brings compliance teams, compliance owners and the management on the same platform.

  • Bring compliance teams, compliance owners and the management on the same platform.
  • Get real-time updates and enterprise-level compliance statuses in a single window.
  • Get enterprise level, location level, risk category level, department level and law level status of compliance.
  • View compliances along with its proof and list of non-compliances if any. Initiate transparency and confidence in certifying compliances at all levels.
  • Decentralize compliance management at location level and empower local administrators to manage compliance at location level.
Dashboard allows you to easily monitor status of critical and high risks category compliances.

Get complete compliance related information such as due date, owner and status with compliance reports.

Best practice workflow to address changes in compliance.

Single window interface allows compliance owners to view list of compliances required to comply in a week, a month or a quarter.

Organize compliance information at one central place to offer easy access to information when it's needed the most.

Browse it law-wise, act-wise or simply do a keyword search.

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